Comprehensive transaction processing services tailored for the bank and its customers

The diversity of modern means of payment makes it possible for banks to personalize the offering to meet the needs of each customer. As the volume of transactions keeps growing, the acceptance network continues to expand and new technologies emerge, banks need to bring new payment services to the market quickly and effectively.

ITCARD processes all the types of transactions available to MasterCard and VISA cardholders. The broad range of services offered by ITCARD helps banks to implement a portfolio of payment services that meets customer expectations. By entrusting transaction processing to ITCARD banks can increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

A comprehensive service offering

ITCARD’s end-to-end approach to transaction processing covers authorization – including virtual transactions and biometric authentication – as well as clearing and settlement, dispute resolution and chargeback processing. Banks retain full control of the type of transactions available to each customer.

An experienced partner

ITCARD is one of the biggest transaction processing companies in Poland. The ITCARD team brings together highly qualified specialists with combined, extensive experience in the areas of banking and Information Technology.

Secure and reliable IT systems

ITCARD operates two data centers designed to ensure business continuity. Servers dedicated to VISA and MasterCard in both the primary and the disaster recovery sites ensure an uninterrupted processing of transactions.

Best practices and processes for maximum data security

The processes implemented by ITCARD prevent violation of data security, detect violation attempts and ensure an appropriate reaction. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by ITCARD’s PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate.

VISA and MasterCard compliance

ITCARD is a certified service provider for VISA and MasterCard, meeting all the requirements of payment organizations regarding transaction processing, clearing and chargeback processing.

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