An online shopping portal that reinforces the bank’s brand image and helps build customer loyalty thanks to attractive cashback rebates from 500+ participating e-commerce sites. An effective marketing channel that connects the bank with a large group of consumers.

There are approximately 15 000 e-commerce sites in Poland. In this highly competitive market promotions and rebates are among key success factors. By offering consumers the possibility to accumulate rebates from multiple online stores via the Planet Plus program, the bank can increase the loyalty of existing customers and acquire new ones. The Bank also gains an opportunity to better understand customer behavior and needs.

The Planet Plus program helps online stores sell more to existing customers and acquire new ones. By associating its own brand with the program, the bank can take advantage of a new marketing channel and reap tangible benefits with increased revenue and stronger brand image.

A modern rebate program

The platform presents the bank’s clients with an easily accessible, attractive offer from a constantly growing number of participating e-commerce sites.

Reliable shopping platform

By partnering with Planet Plus the bank gains immediate access to an advanced online application and the underlying IT infrastructure.

Cost-efficient, off-the-shelf solution

The possibility to use an existing platform eliminates unnecessary costs of designing, implementing and managing the bank’s own application.

An additional, dedicated marketing channel

The shopping platform opens up new communication possibilities for the bank, which can strengthen its brand image and customize its offer to meet the expectations of individual customers.

Personalized client relationships

The data collected by Planet Plus can help the bank analyze user behavior and shopping patterns. The bank can also use the data to personalize its communication with clients and customize its offer.

Financial benefits

The bank signs a contract with Planet Plus and receives a commission fee on the rebates accrued by shoppers.

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