Nationwide ATM network in Poland, offering convenient access to cash services to bank customers.

Best technologies and practices for easy and secure operations. Full infrastructure support and transaction processing, available through a flexible business model.

ATM services play a key role in a bank offering, and self-service terminals represent a main customer touch point for the bank. By ensuring broad availability, convenience and security of ATM transactions banks can maintain customer satisfaction and a positive image of their brand.

Designing, implementing and operating an effective ATM network is complex and costly. Banks can benefit from outsourcing these tasks to a specialized provider.

By taking advantage of Planet Cash’s broad portfolio of ATM services, banks can reduce capital expenditures and operating costs whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Convenient and secure access, ease of use

Planet Cash is a nationwide network of 2000 self-service terminals1, conveniently located throughout Poland near BGŻ bank branches, selected credit unions and Biedronka, Carrefour, Intermarché and Społem supermarkets. The reliability of the Planet Cash infrastructure and the quality of terminals supplied by vendors such as Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold and NCR guarantee high availability and ease of use of ATM services. Planet Cash also maintains a customer hotline, available 24 hours a day.

Transaction security

ITCARD, the owner of the Planet Cash network, guarantees transaction security. ITCARD constantly monitors operations, processes data in secure, specialized information systems and applies certified processes, compliant with the PCI DSS standards and the requirements of the VISA and Master Card payment organizations.

Planet Cash is the first ATM network in Europe to offer biometric user authentication leveraging the Finger Vein technology (authentication based on the pattern of human finger blood vessels).

Experienced specialists, reliable infrastructure

ITCARD is the second biggest card transaction processing center in Poland in terms of transaction volume. Banks can count on ITCARD team’s extensive experience and combined expertise of banking and IT. In order to operate the ATM network and process payment card transactions reliably ITCARD uses its two complementary data centers.

An effective marketing tool

The user interface of Planet Cash terminals can be customized to meet the bank’s marketing requirements. Service offerings, promotions and other content can be displayed on the screen and receipt printouts.

Planet Cash is the only ATM network in Poland to offer banks the possibility of co-branding of its terminals with the bank’s logo.

Flexible business model

Thanks to the complete range of self-service terminal types and the broad portfolio of services it offers, Planet Cash can adapt the proposed business model to the individual needs of each bank. Banks can choose which ATM operations to outsource to Planet Cash. Planet Cash can deploy terminals in the locations designated by the bank. The bank can also offer its customers the possibility to use Planet Cash ATMs at preferential fees.

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