Maximize device availability and gain full, automated control over ATM networks

Self-service terminals and ATMs are a key customer touch point for all banks, and a main service channel for retail banks. Ensuring that terminals remain available to serve customers is important to banks as it contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty; limits financial losses due to missed transaction fees; and reduces repair and maintenance costs.

ITCARD’s ATM Viewer gives ATM network operators real-time access to detailed device state information. Automation of ATM management helps maximize device availability and speeds up problem resolution.

Access to key data

  • Network status – number of ATMs, their operating state, time of the last transaction and cash loading,
  • List of inactive devices with causes of downtime,
  • History of incidents and corrective actions.

Automated processes and analytics

  • Automated detection of incidents requiring corrective action,
  • Automated recognition of recurring problems,
  • Incident and event analysis.

Event detection and reporting

  • Cash retraction and diversion, low cash level,
  • Card reader failure,
  • Encrypting PIN pad (EPP) failure or keyboard problem,
  • Journal printer and receipt printer failure, low printer paper level,
  • Abnormal frequency of reversals,
  • Card retention,
  • Too many transaction timeouts.
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