Comprehensive services throughout card lifecycle

With the wide variety of payment cards available to the consumer (debit, credit, prepaid, charge, multifunction, etc.), banks need to manage a broad portfolio of card products. Each of these products requires secure and effective processes throughout its lifecycle – from production, personalization and activation through transaction processing to deactivation.

ITCARD provides a complete range of services for all types of payment cards, both physical and virtual. ITCARD services guarantee the highest level of security, compliant with VISA and MasterCard requirements and attested by a PCI DSS certificate.

Banks that outsource card issuance and processing to an experienced, specialized partner such as ITCARD can focus on their core activity, increasing operational effectiveness, raising customer satisfaction and lowering costs.

All aspects of the issuance process

including card personalization; generation, printing and delivery of PIN codes (including delivery via SMS); and re-issuance of blocked and expiring cards.

Authorization and processing of transactions

of all types (purchase, cash withdrawal, cash-back, balance inquiry, PIN change, etc.) and preparation of clearing files for partner banks.

The bank has a flexible choice to either use the full range of ITCARD’s issuance and processing services or select the services relevant to its specific needs. With ITCARD’s comprehensive product management banks can be confident that the cards already issued will be supported until the end of their lifecycle.

ITCARD also handles:

  • card blocking and cancellation
  • management of retained cards
  • card activation and deactivation, in line with the bank’s policy
  • clearing reports
  • chargeback and dispute management
  • proactive monitoring of transactions and blocking of unauthorized transactions
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