Infrastructure and services for the next generation of secure, contactless mobile payments

Having quickly adopted contactless cards, most consumers are now ready to pay using a smartphone. The HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology, which overcomes the limitations of the previous mobile solutions, meets the strong consumer demand for modern, convenient and secure means of payment.

Thanks to ITCARD’s HCE offering, which combines breakthrough technology, reliable infrastructure and trusted services, banks can offer their customers an innovative, safe and convenient mobile payment method.

A breakthrough in mobile payments

HCE makes it possible to emulate a payment card on a mobile device without a hardware secure element to store the card’s information. Unlike the previous generation of technologies, which required a secure element in the phone’s SIM, HCE stores the card’s information securely in the cloud. This is a significant improvement, which allows mobile payments:

  • for already issued cards, without the need to issue a new plastic card,
  • for contactless (NFC-enabled) cards of all types (prepaid, debit, credit or charge),
  • for card products without the need to issue a physical card,
  • independent of the mobile network operator,
  • as part of the bank’s own mobile application

ITCARD’s secure and reliable infrastructure

ITCARD’s dedicated datacenter infrastructure provides a secure storage for the bank’s client information and ensures the continuity of HCE transaction processing.

Best practices in data security

ITCARD’s HCE-related solutions meet the security requirements of VISA and MasterCard. The effectiveness of data security processes implemented by ITCARD and their compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are attested by a certificate re-issued annually by an external security auditor.

Payment processing

ITCARD can manage HCE payment services on the bank’s behalf. Operations include card activation and configuration as well as authorization and clearing of HCE transactions.

Increasing customer loyalty

Implementing a mobile payment application can help the bank to take over payment streams from competing digital wallets; deliver more personal communication to customers and increase their satisfaction; and implement effective loyalty programs.

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