Highest quality of service that helps banks build great customer relationships, plus effective multi-channel communication tools that help develop sales

Each interaction with a customer is a „moment of truth” for the bank, influencing the relationship with the customer and the bank’s brand image. High quality services, delivered by a dedicated contact center, strengthen customer loyalty. With the right tools, the contact center can also enable targeted marketing communication that opens up new sales opportunities.

ITCARD’s Contact Center offers a modern, multi-channel communication platform built on a reliable IT infrastructure. Banks use ITCARD’s Contact Center to deliver prompt and effective customer service and implement effective sales campaigns.

Professional customer service, 24/24

Experienced specialists, who respond to over half a million calls per year, are available to help the bank’s customers 24 hours a day. The services offered by the Contact Center team include:

  • operating the bank’s customer hotline,
  • providing e-banking user support,
  • responding to account inquiries by customers,
  • assisting customers with cancellation of lost and stolen cards,
  • handling customer complaints and requests,
  • and many others.

Managing customer communication

The Contact Center technology platform integrates several functions and applications, enabling an effective management of customer communications:

  • All calls, logged via an IP PBX, can be accessed for analysis using various selection criteria,
  • The Contact Center Agent application authenticates the agent to the system,
  • The Supervisor module offers an up-to-date, synthetic view of the center’s activity, with the number of consultants online, percentage of answered and rejected calls, number of customers on hold etc.,
  • With call recording the manager can listen to both recorded and live conversations and provide real-time support to the specialists during their interaction with customers,
  • Report generation allows near-real time quality control and preparation of marketing actions,
  • The outgoing campaigns module helps adjust the duration of the campaign and provides detailed qualitative and quantitative campaign reports.

Multichannel marketing

Bank customers can reach Contact Center by phone or via e-mail, as well as SMS, fax, and online services. The variety of available communication methods can be used for highly effective multichannel marketing campaigns.

An effective marketing tool

ITCARD designs and implements complete marketing campaigns, both outbound and inbound, using either customer data provided by the bank or selecting target databases on the bank’s behalf. Telemarketing campaigns delivered by ITCARD are an effective means for the bank to acquire new customers and/or market new products and services.

Market research

ITCARD offers both B2C and B2B market research services, helping banks to better understand market trends and target customer group behavior. Market research services, which leverage the most recent technologies, include the choice of survey methods and samples, design of questionnaires and survey scripts, phone interviews, reporting and recommendations.

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