The most advanced biometric technology for fast, convenient and reliable authentication of transactions

Banks’ exposure to identity fraud increases in line with the growing volume of transactions. The risk is further amplified by the diversity of transaction channels (branch, ATM, point of sale, Web, mobile etc.). In particular, the expanding ATM network and the growing number of payment cards facilitate the theft of card information, with techniques such as card skimming. Banks also witness a rise of in-branch fraud, both internal and external. As a consequence, banks are looking for reliable authentication solutions.

Finger Vein is the most advanced and the most reliable biometric authentication technology available today. By using ITCARD’s Finger Vein solutions banks can secure self-service transactions effectively and minimalize the risk of identity fraud.

The most advanced biometric authentication available today

The Finger Vein method, developed by Hitachi, leverages the uniqueness of the human finger’s blood vessel patterns. An individual’s finger pattern is scanned in infrared light, encrypted and recorded in a reference database. During authentication, the same scanning method is used to check the individual’s pattern against the reference record. The comparison allows an unambiguous acceptance or rejection of the person’s identity.

An effective alternative to fingerprint biometrics

Finger Vein eliminates the shortcomings of traditional fingerprint biometrics by excluding the risk of data interception and minimizing the ratio of false positives and false negatives.

Designed with banking applications in mind, the Finger Vein technology is convenient, easy to use, safe and hygienic. It minimizes the risk of erroneous acceptance/rejection of users thanks to high measurement accuracy, and protects user privacy effectively.

Technology access tailored to the bank’s needs

A bank partnering with ITCARD can take one of these paths to access the Finger Vein technology:

  • Use the Planet Cash ATM network, owned by ITCARD, whose terminals are equipped with Finger Vein technology, or
  • have ITCARD install Finger Vein readers in the Bank’s branches and ATMs.

ITCARD solutions – biometric ATMs

Biometric ATMs let the bank’s clients access many services without a payment card. The services include cash withdrawal and deposit, balance inquiry, and prepaid mobile recharge. Możliwe są również wypłaty zasiłków społecznych.

ITCARD oferuje także integrację czytników Finger Vein w bankomatach i wpłatomatach innych dostawców i różnych producentów.

Rozwiązania ITCARD – rejestracja wzorca w oddziale banku

W ramach zabezpieczenia transakcji technologią Finger Vein, ITCARD instaluje w banku czytniki, niezbędne do pobrania wzorca danych biometrycznych klienta. Dane wzorcowe używane są do uwierzytelnienia tożsamości klienta podczas transakcji.

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