Comprehensive device, data and business process security, built on best practices and industry standards

With the ongoing global transition to non-cash payments and the growing number of payment cards in circulation banks face an increased risk of fraud. Minimizing the risk requires a thorough approach to security, best delivered by an experienced specialist provider.

By entrusting payment card processing to ITCARD banks can minimize risks and reduce costs, thanks to the provider’s expert knowledge, reliable infrastructure and secure processes compliant with the most stringent industry standards.

A team of experienced specialists

By partnering with ITCARD the bank benefits from the combined banking and IT expertise of top-notch data security specialists.

Minimizing the risk of fraud

ITCARD constantly monitors and scores all transactions in order to evaluate the risk and warn the bank about potentially fraudulent transactions. The bank remains in full control thanks to extensive, customizable reports provided by ITCARD.

Advanced data security technologies

In order to secure the transaction data ITCARD takes advantage of the most advanced technologies, such as 3D Secure for online payments and FingerVein for biometric authentication.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

ITCARD runs two datacenters configured for business continuity, with servers dedicated to each of the payment organizations (EAS for VISA and MIP for MasterCard), ensuring an uninterrupted processing of card transactions.

Guarantee of best practices in data security

ITCARD’s data security compliance with the PCI DSS industry standard is audited annually by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor and attested by a certificate, meeting the requirements of global payment organizations.

Full compliance with VISA i MasterCard requirements

ITCARD is a certified service provider for VISA and MasterCard, in both the issuer and acquirer roles. ITCARD meets all the requirements of payment organizations in the areas of authorization, clearing and settlement, and chargeback processing.

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