Multifunctional ATMs, cash recyclers, cash dispensers, bill payment and deposit automation systems

According to the ATM Industry Association, cash is withdrawn more than 8 billion times per year from the 3 million automated teller machines (ATMs) installed in the world. Despite the rapid growth of cashless transactions cash remains the main form of payment for consumers. As a consequence banks need solutions that reduce cash management costs effectively.

Banks and businesses that rely on ITCARD’s cash automation solutions increase customer satisfaction by offering convenient, reliable and secure self-service cash operations. At the same time they reduce cash management costs and optimize cash management processes.

Multifunctional ATM

In addition to the standard cash withdrawal this system offers many functionalities such as balance inquiry, PIN code management, prepaid mobile recharge, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) transactions and foreign currency withdrawal (e.g. euros).

Bill payment automation

This self-service terminal lets users pay their bills with cash, including coins, as well as with MasterCard and VISA cards, including contactless payments. The system integrates with the bank’s operating processes and payment tree, and automates the accounting of received payments.

Cash recycler

A perfect solution for locations with a high volume of cash activity, the cash recycler dispenses banknotes deposited in the system during previous operations. The recycler’s closed loop architecture minimizes the cost of cash replenishment and pick-up.

Deposit automation

Designed with small and medium businesses in mind, this system lets customers deposit cash, for example to make installment payments. Besides cash deposits the system allows balance inquiries and credits the amount deposited to the customer’s bank account.

Comprehensive services adapted to the bank’s needs

ITCARD’s comprehensive offering spans the entire lifecycle of self-service terminals – from solution design, system delivery and installation to ongoing support. ITCARD also handles VISA and MasterCard transaction authorization, processing and clearing.

ITCARD can either manage the authorization of transactions for the bank’s terminals or make its own terminal network available to the bank in a fully outsourced business model.

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