Information about ITCARD

An experienced business partner delivering complete solutions based on advanced payment technologies and tailored to the bank’s needs.

ITCARD is a major provider of banking self-service solutions in Poland. ITCARD’s comprehensive offer includes sales, deployment and management of ATMs and POS terminals; MasterCard and VISA card issuance; and authorization, processing and clearing of payment transactions.

By choosing ITCARD banks gain access to the most advanced payment technologies available today and benefit from the support of an experienced partner. Using its combined expertise of banking and Information Technology, ITCARD delivers robust, secure solutions on which banks can rely. ITCARD also proposes a flexible business model in order to adapt its offer to the bank’s specific needs.

ITCARD’s solutions allow a tight integration with the bank’s environment, thus helping the bank to optimize its processes, reduce capital expenditure and operating costs. Thanks to ITCARD’s solutions the bank can also expand its offer and meet customer expectations better, as well as bring new products to the market faster. At the same time the bank can increase customer loyalty by offering self-service and payments products of highest quality, backed by personalized communication and professional client service.

ITCARD owns Planet Cash, a nationwide network of ATMs in Poland; Planet Pay, a network of POS terminals; and Planet Plus, an online shopping platform.